Do you have the potential to work at UEFA Premier League level?

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PES FOOTBALL AGENCY are registered with the English Football Association. Our FIFA and FA License and registration number is IMSC001391. If you are a talented footballer who wants full service global professional representation click the link to book a professional consultation

We work with established professional and developing footballers who have potential to work at UEFA Premier League levels such as:

  • Engish Premier League
  • English Football League
  • Scottish Premier League
  • Scottish Professional Football Leagues
  • Spanish La Liga and La Liga 2
  • German Bundesliga or Bundeliga 2
  • Italian Serie A and Seri B
  • Portuguese Primeria Liga
  • Belgian Pro League
  • Wales Premier League
  • Gibraltar Premier League
  • Malta Premier League
  • Eredivisie or Ereste Divisie
  • Russian Premier League