We help talented football players to find clubs in 55 UEFA Premier Leagues


PES FOOTBALL AGENCY “Find a Club” service is designed to help you “the player, client, footballer, free agent or baller” find a trial with a club from a Premier (First League) or Championship (Second League) in one of 55 UEFA European Countries. In some cases it may be with a top 6 club that has opportunity to qualify for the UEFA Champions League, Europa League or the UEFA Europa Conference League.


The first stage to helping you find a professional club trial is our company requirement for you “the player, client, footballer, free agent or baller” to complete a 45 minute “Professional Consultation – Join the Agency” which we deliver on Microsoft Teams, Zoom & Google video call. View our list of professional football clients on Transfermarkt

During your 45 minute professional consultation process you will meet Director of Football and FA Registered Intermediary Mike Pryce or another member of the agency team who will ask you a series of questions to assess your playing experience, skillset, cv, video, transfermarkt profile and discuss suitable club options in our agency network.

When you have completed a 45 minute Professional Consultation – PES FOOTBALL AGENCY will provide you with further communication, support and assstance in our process to help you find a uefa club trial;

  • Regualr contact with an FA Registered Intermediary (Agent) via WhatsApp Call
  • Create you a Professional Player CV and Update your Transfermarkt Profile (Optional)
  • We will network to find you a Trial with Professional Clubs in 55 European Countries
  • You will recieve a weekly progress call with updates from an PES FOOTBALL AGENCY
  • You may recieve oppportunities to play in Trial Matches for or against Professional Clubs

Terms and Conditions

As part of negotiating your contract you will be required to pay a commission fee to PES FOOTBALL AGENCY LTD of between 3% and 7% of your annual salary or a one payment scouting fee for our professional representation or scouting services. It is a compulsory requirement that you sign a representation contract or defined mandate with an agent at our agency before we make any efforts to find you a club trial or club opportunity. We can still work with you if you already have a contract with a licensed agent who is happy to sign a FIFA Agent or FA Intermediary “agent mandate or collaboration agreement” with PES FOOTBALL AGENCY. You may be required to pay for your travel/flight/house/food costs when we find you a club trial. If PES FOOTBALL AGENCY help you with any financial costs such as hotels/food/flight/travel costs you will be required to pay the oustanding amount to the agency upon signing your contract. This may be deducted from your salary by your club/employer on our behalf.


We will do our best to reduce costs you may incur by asking the club you will join for a trial to provide your accommodation for a trial or test period but this is not a guarantee. PES FOOTBALL AGENCY guarantee to help you find a trial in one of 55 European Countries with a club who may offer you a professional contract after a trial or test period.

We will provide opportunities for a Trial with Liga 3 (Third League/Division 3/Tier 3) or Liga 4 (Fourth League/Division 4/Tier 4) if we are unable to find you a Trial or your profile is not accepted by a Premier League (First League) or Championship (Second League) Club. If you are a semi player and would like to your explore options or if you don’t have a club and want to find out how PES FOOTBALL AGENCY can help your career move forward please select the 15 minute Career Assessment Review shown below.